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    ''Cool Contemporary Apartment with Stunning Interior''
Cool Contemporary Appartment
Style Statement:- For Mr. Aadil and Navreen in Kanpur (Jajmau). This awesome contemporary apartment designed by ''Five One Interio'' is a great inspiration for you in adding catchy and quirky details to each of its minimalist space. Marking this contemporary Apartment is the use of bright, pale clean colors throughout each space, accented with light wooden tone and surface. Surprisingly, this apartment interior successfully looks beautifully elegant due the careful choice of furnishings.
Study Area
Well design and detailed so as to make optimum use of every inch, bright and vibrant colour with the use of contemporary furniture and effective light give this place a very rich and spacious look.
The pot area and wall
The wall is decorated with a small niche work and showcase some vases over the cistern wall area.
wall tile design pattern
The bathroom flooring is in white tile. White tile is also employed as the bathroom wall. The bathroom ceiling is also in white. The ceiling has glass windows on it giving the bright look of this interior space. Sleek appearance is presented by this bathroom interior design employing glass elements and neutral colored interior elements. Modern lightings attached on the white bathroom wall add the contemporary style in this bathroom.
Wall paneling of mirror and cushion
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Floral artwork with natural stone
The huge wall is decorated with a floral art work and this may be just a simple decorating idea, but we really love the use of wall artwork with natural stone accenting this apartment interior.
Corner wall of l.c.d area
The interior design is much more glorious. A magnificent TV cabinet becomes the focal point of the bedroom. The silver-white TV cabinet is in modern design with filigree patterns in yellow shining light. The tall wall that connected to the upper level is installed with stylish wallpaper in grey color, pretty combination with brown TV cabinet
The dinning area
A generous dining table made from glass is available to accommodate 6 people in the dining area. Glass surface of the table reflects sleek effects from the spacious wall art in front wall. A crystal chandelier hanging over the dining table gives exclusive look.
Cookery unit
The dining room is furnished with minimalist dining table set. The dining chairs are designed with full backrests with comfy leather cushions. beside the cookery unit,Dining area theme can be the combination between the contemporary concept and natural look. It can be seen from this dining space designed in modern concept. This color gives the perfect natural color accent to brown and white color theme of this interior.
Kitchen wall comprise living
The drawing room which comprise of the son's bedroom and the open kitchen and dinning area.
Living Room
Behind the dining table, there is a big wall art stick on the wall, and across the painting there is a unique concept of wall design niche with blue lights in this room. A corner lamp create ambience to the space.
Bed wall of daughter B.R
The panelling is made of mdf jaali with back mirror and combination of upholstery on back as well as used in l.c.d unit, the room has a modern theme with a low bed; white ash wood veneer side table desk and texture wall.
Shower area of daughter bathroom
This modern bathroom design uses white-black tile and black colored granite as the main material combined with wood and glass.The shower has a glass wall and door to separate it from the rest of the bathroom to prevent the water from overflowing to all around the bathroom floor.
Son bedroom bed wall
That private bedroom should be designed and decorated based on the boys’ desire. However, the user of the cool room is just the boys. Therefore, as his parents, we should ensure their comfort while using the boy’s bedroom.
Side wall
The wall is fully covered with wallpaper to create ambience to the kids room.
Son Bathroom shower panel
Look at to the shower room; it has glass multi color shower Partition with tile walls with a glass highlighter and flooring.
The washbasin area of master bedroom
This bathroom in white interior looks beautiful with the application of contemporary bathroom furniture and appliances. Modern lightings attached on the mirror panel of white bathroom wall add the contemporary style in this bathroom. beside the wall shelf placed in the corner of the bathroom gives the stuning look.
The Dresser Area
The unique and stunning accent to this contemporary dresser design can be seen on the stunning large shelf, wardrobe and huuge wall paneling of mirror and cushion.
Wardrobe design
The beautiful wardrobe is designed with mdf designer panel with the combination of mirror.
Master Bedroom
The contemporary home of Adil and Navreen in kanpur has a mix of Classic and modern style, unexpected wall arts, Texture wall surface, Fine mirror inlay work and themed designing approach that keeps the whole space a "piece of fine art."
The l.c.d wall
Walking inside the bright and spacious large bedroom l.c.d wall, it is hard to ignore the beauty within this room. The large glass window covered with beautiful grey-white sheer provides the abundant natural light.
Dinning Area
A generous dining table made from glass is available to accommodate 6 people in the dining area. Glass surface of the table reflects sleek effects from the spacious wall art in front wall. Designer Yogita singh aims to give the client that something more which makes ordinary to extraordinary the surrounding interior space.
Kitchen Area
Monochromatic kitchen looks luxurious with ultramodern kitchen accessories and furniture. Sleek look is the main principle of this updated kitchen design. White is applied in every kitchen element and furniture. Grey-silver is used as the color accent. Minimalist kitchen look can be in various styles, but they have the similar principle of practicality and simplicity.
Living Room
The living area itself contains two spacious Black upholstered sofas that accompanied by lacquered glass. White ceiling and onyx touch tile flooring are completed with the presence of many spacious L.C.D installation beside wall.
The arch partition
The arch between the drawing room and dinning area is crafted from lacquered glass and teak ply wood veneer.
Daughter Dresser area
The bathroom and dresser is attach to the bedroom, the rectangular mirror has a dark black frame. rectangular design can be applied since it is the most suitable room decoration idea.This kind of interior decoration is really making small compartment of apartment becomes wider.
This simple wall mirror is beautifully accented with wooden surface for the subtle storage space with small puffy, Placed by the large window is a lovely dresser area.
Son Bedroom
Generally, a specific theme is selected to help everybody at decorating the room. And since this time, the bedroom is made for the little guy, several general themes are available to pick including various kinds of sport, pirate ship, wallpaper, toyes and many more. There is wooden bed with white bedcover. This room is decorated with blue and red color. There are flying planes on the ceiling as the great wallpaper in this room.
Wardrobe area with l.c.d panel
Elaborate lighting and use of wallpaper add to the stylish look of the whole place This residence for me is a token of love and affection to the family.
Washbasin area
The second design is in bowl shape. It has onyx marble countertops. It looks lavish in tile walls. One of the best items of our collection is the Oval bowl in white which is combined with simple board. It is completed with frameless wall mirror above with wall cabinet and lights beside.
The Pot area
Silver and white is also applied as the color theme of this interior of a modern bathroom. This bathroom tends to have mono color theme with Silver color accent. White is applied in almost all of the bathroom elements.
Bathroom wall mirror
Elegant design of vanity is created in this project by applying design of the vanity in beside of shower bathroom space that is separated by design of glass door that is used to complete the shower bathroom. Design of vanity is made luxuriously by applying artistic wall tile design that has natural color design. In addition elegant design of square mirror that is applied to complete the vanity actually is also as proper design of luxury small bathroom
Master Bedroom
Moreover, for the master bedroom, a white futuristic overhang bed furnishes strikingly. The comfort and the beauty of a house is affected by what home design implemented. It depends on what concepts homeowners want to present on their home sweet homes. The home design will be perfect combined with best furniture as the interior design concept taken.
Dinning Area
A generous dining table made from glass is available to accommodate 6 people in the dining area. Glass surface of the table reflects sleek effects from the spacious wall art in front wall. "The idea of making the best possible use of the available space is much more than just sourcing beautiful materials."
Kitchen wall
It has sleek kitchen cabinet in white color and silver-black backsplash color. You also can see a stylish kitchen bar design with small cookery unit in black color with glass door and onyx piller add stunning look and one black bar stools.
Living L.C.D unit wall
A part of the living room, done with black and white accents and design with cove light on the ceiling. The dark grey texture wallpaper are used with the jalli partition for l.c.d wall. This unique wall is a forte of this design apartment.
The corner wall area
Cream-red sofa chair with glass center table.
Daughter Bedroom
The daughter bedroom look is highlighted by a dark unique concept of wall design on a plain wall and cream and red upholstery is used on l.c.d unit.
Washbasin of daughter room
The cabinets made from wood with white and black color and black granite tops. There are also some drawers put here with button-shaped handles. Large wall mirrors separated by wall cabinet with a black-framed.
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