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     ''Beautiful Modern Apartment''
  • Solanki House
    A modern apartment that was completed by Yogita Singh is offered in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Apartment was built within a very contemporary and opulent style, with combination of natural and modern materials.

  • The patio area
    Although it is a simple decoration with Modern styles, the ambiance is great enough. As you get in, you shall see how beautiful the wooden-themed ceiling is. There is a lounge designed for warmth, too.

  • Bedroom
    This color selection is great in it is indeed able to give beautiful master bedroom great lighting and atmosphere. The bright feeling that given by the color scheme will always lead you into a “good mood” every time you wake up in this lovely master bedroom design.

  • Bathroom
    Perfect concept of bathroom also available in this residence. Built from white-grey marble stone, the washbasin exudes high-priced feel into the bathroom. Transparent shower area next to the washbasin also completed the presence of this bath area.

  • Master Bedroom
    This bedroom design and style had been applied perfectly in a project of Relaxing Bedroom Colors for Interior. Design of bedroom in this project has a focus to create a comfortable and modern and contemporary impression of bedroom space. It is created by applying soft pink-purple color design that is applied perfectly to decorate wall,Besides, glass window that is applied in beside position of bedroom space actually will create a fresh and natural appearance and design of modern.

  • Living Area
    The living area itself contains two spacious black upholstered sofas that accompanied by some other seats. White ceiling and wooden flooring are completed with the presence of many spacious windows installation. Thin and delicate white curtains that covered those windows are beautify the living room with their plush effect. Unique built-in lighting that were spread in the ceiling and L.C.D wall adds some luxurious atmosphere into this house.

  • Staircase for first floor
    Some installation of spacious glass windows around the house exude and staircase area more touches of those modern atmosphere, while the pure lighting given by the sun bursting into the house. You also can see modern floating stairs that leads you to the next floor.

  • Dresser and Wardrobe
    In the right side of the bed is the white storage and dresser for keeping the cloths, next to the dresser.

  • Formal Living
    Celebrating the abundant light and airy vibe, this living area successfully looks really spacious. It is also thanks to the choice of light color for its wall and ceiling space. which surprisingly helps this living area to appear not only comfortable but also more appealing. The comfortable L-shaped sofa is tucked away to maximize the corner space, resulting in the spacious look

  • Decorative Wall
    Behind the dining table, there is a big wall art niche on the wall, and across the painting there is a unique concept of wall design in this house. This modern apartment design applied a foldable wooden wall in the dining area. If you fold the wall, you can see the living room right next to the dining site.

  • Kitchen
    The application of wood on the island or cabinet is also a simple solution to bring that traditional scheme into the stainless steel cooking area. the kitchen requires specific decorating style to maximize the interior appearance..

  • The Couch
    Behind this one is a luxurious style of building where there are objects of furniture that can pamper you during your relaxing times with anybody.

  • Designer Sideboard
    The sideboard looks beautiful form the outside with nice combination between salvaged wooden accent, flower motif panels, metal material, mirror top.

  • Sofa Chairs
    We really adore the rounded glass coffee table that smartly follows the corner created by the sofa chairs, which successfully provides more space available for this room as well.

  • The L.C.D Wall
    The white wall is decorated by the wall decal and shelves. The shelves keep the photo frames and the flowers on the vase, to decorate the l.c.d wall panel.

  • Cookery Unit
    Beautiful black cookery cabinet decorates this area. A generous dining table made from Cane is available to accommodate 6 people in the dining area. Glass surface of the table reflects sleek effects from the spacious giant windows.

  • Master Bathroom
    The modern styles usually relate to the geometrical styles, achromatic colors, and opened surface that are defined to the cool and sterile styles. The modern bathroom design can be also designed in warm style by accomplishing the inviting place after having very busy activities.

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